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es Saveurs Private Kitchen attach great importance to your privacy is. This Privacy Policy and Statement (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Statement") Description es Saveurs Private Kitchen how to collect and use personal information .

Please read this privacy statement carefully. When you access or use es Saveurs Private Kitchen website or is a branch of the Facebook page (collectively, the "Site"), which indicates that you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Statement. If you do not want to be bound by the following terms, please do not use this website or this application. If you fill out any form and click the "Submit" button through this website or this application, it means that you have read and understood this privacy statement in detail and agree to the data collection and use methods described in this privacy statement. es Saveurs Private Kitchen reserves the right to change and update at any time this site or app content, and can unilaterally modify this Privacy Statement without further notice. You should check this privacy statement regularly through this website or this application, because your continued use of this website indicates that you accept any changes to this privacy statement. If this privacy statement any changes might be es Saveurs Private Kitchen use or disclose your information (including your personal data) (hereinafter referred to as "Information") way to have a great impact, es Saveurs Private Kitchen will Only after obtaining your consent will your information be used for relevant purposes. Here, "you" and "user" refer to all individuals who enter this website or this application for any reason or purpose .

  1. Data collection statement and purpose of

When you use this site or this application submission, inquiry and or other services provided by this site or this application, it may shall es Saveurs Private Kitchen provide your information, including but not limited to, name, gender, Age group, contact information, email address and account. You agree that such information is voluntary Excellency to es Saveurs Private Kitchen provided. You agree and understand that any and all information provided to Les Saveurs Private Kitchen will be collected and used for the following purposes 

  1. For identity verification and records ;
  2. Display your information when you use this website, this application, the Internet and other relevant channels to process your information ;
  3. Your information will be analyzed and compare with other people's information to enable the development of es Saveurs Private Kitchen products or services and marketing programs ;
  4. On es Saveurs Private Kitchen , its affiliated companies and joint promotion of business partners food, beverage and catering services Promotions communicate with you ;
  5. Save communication contact information ;
  6. Remit statistics on the total amount used by this website or this application ;
  7. To process your appointments and service requests ;
  8. Facilitate daily operation of your account and
  9. Execute your instructions, process your application, respond to your enquiries or inquiries made on your behalf, and provide you with effective and efficient services .
  • Promote direct sales
  • After you provide Les Saveurs Private Kitchen with information that can verify your personal identity, you may receive calls, text messages, emails and emails from Les Saveurs Private Kitchen from time to time, including information about Les Saveurs Private Kitchen and other Direct promotion information on food, beverage and catering service promotion discounts of related companies and partners engaged in joint promotion business .

    Information about the joint promotion push will increase from Les Saveurs Private Kitchen offers or its designated communications service providers to send, not by a Les Saveurs Private Kitchen conduct joint promotion business partner issue .

    If you do not wish to receive direct marketing of the above information, regardless of whether you agree with Les Saveurs Private Kitchen may release such information to you, you can feel free to e-mail to notify Les Saveurs Private Kitchen Data Protection Officer .

  • Personal Data (Privacy) of the patients
  • Les Saveurs Private Kitchen’s policies and practices regarding the collection, use, preservation, disclosure, transfer, protection and access to personal data are in compliance with relevant Hong Kong laws, including the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance .

    1. Retention, storage and disclosure of personal data feed

    You know, agree to, and authorize Les Saveurs Private Kitchen to retain and store the information you provide in one or more databases of Les Saveurs Private Kitchen in or outside Hong Kong, and provide, disclose, and provide such information. For access and delivery to 

    1. Les Saveurs Private Kitchen and its affiliates employees authorized to collect information for the above-mentioned purpose of processing information ;
    2. Les Saveurs Private Kitchen for the purpose or with the purpose of collecting information above relating to employment and Les Saveurs Private Kitchen provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, insurance, professional services or other contract services of contractors or agents;
    3. Accordance with applicable laws, regulations or administrative system requirements, Les Saveurs Private Kitchen must make their disclosure of any personor
    4. Any reasonably require Les Saveurs Private Kitchen made of those disclosed, for Les Saveurs Private Kitchen capable of performing the purpose set out in this Privacy Statement.

    You agree that Les Saveurs Private Kitchen for the following purposes and at a reasonable and may disclose your personal information if necessary 

    1. Comply with relevant laws ;
    2. Execution or implementation on the use of this site, this application or Les Saveurs Private Kitchen terms of any user agreement services provided ;
    3. Protection of Les Saveurs Private Kitchen, its affiliates, employees, agents, and customers the rights, property or interests of usersor
    4. Comply with this privacy statement.

    Les Saveurs Private Kitchen is hereby declared never and will not sell your information. Les Saveurs Private Kitchen also not be given to third parties other than the above, disclosure, access and transfer for your information.

    Les Saveurs Private Kitchen will keep your personal data provided through this site or application. If the purpose for which you provided the information is terminated, your personal information will only be retained for no more than year and will be deleted thereafter .

    1. Personal data security full

    Les Saveurs Private Kitchen will use various security technologies and procedures to protect your information and avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Given the nature of the Internet, Les Saveurs Private Kitchen does not guarantee one hundred percent reliable data transmission. But Les Saveurs Private Kitchen will take all practical measures to ensure that the Les Saveurs Private Kitchen any information collected through the Site or application interference by third parties defend. You must know clearly Les Saveurs Private Kitchen advertisers or has a link on this website to other websites may collect your personal information. You must read the relevant privacy policy carefully before providing your information to a third party. The information you provide to third parties and are Les Saveurs Private Kitchen has nothing to do, and Les Saveurs Private Kitchen does not assume any responsibility. Such as Les Saveurs Private Kitchen Upon receipt of information from a third party, save the information in accordance with the usual strict security and confidentiality guidelines.

    1. Correction of personal data or contact Les Saveurs Kitchen Private master data protection either

    You know (Privacy) Ordinance, the right of access to personal information Les Saveurs Private Kitchen personal data held by His Excellency, the right to request correction of your information. To review or change your personal information, please email to written notice to Les Saveurs Private Kitchen Data Protection Officer .

  • Information packages and third-party applications formula
  • Les Saveurs Private Kitchen could use the information package (on this website ). An information package is a short text file stored on the user's computer by the network server based on the permission set by the user's browser software. The information pack itself is not designed or intended to be used to read any information from the user's computer (except the content of the information pack itself) instead, it is an identifier used by a website placed on your hard drive . The actual content of the information package can be retrieved by the same server to identify the computer and then adapt the use of a website to the user’s requirements based on the information stored on the host server and monitor or manage such use. Therefore, the information package only shows the identity of the user's computer to the website, and the website may associate other information, including personal identification information, with the information package. Similarly, Les Saveurs Private Kitchen access to third-party applications in the present application. The purpose of using information packs on this website or using third-party applications by this application is to automate the login and data registration functions so that you can create online order information when you use this website or make purchases in this application (if any) Contact, adapt this website or this application to your preferences or preferences, or personalize promotions or marketing. In addition, information packages or using third-party apps may make es Saveurs Private Kitchen can be tracked using this application or this website, to determine what is useful or popular, so that the Les Saveurs Private Kitchen effectively Improve and improve this website or this application. You can adjust your web browser to warn you about the use of the information package or you can refuse to accept the information package altogether. Please note that if you choose not to accept the information package, this website may not function properly or you may not be allowed to log in .

    1. Favicons makes use

    Les Saveurs Private Kitchen may use website icons on this website or other websites, and allow third parties to place icons on this website to monitor the effectiveness of advertisements or for other legal purposes. A website icon, also known as a web crawler, is a small image on a webpage, website file, or email used to allow website owners or third parties to monitor who is visiting a website. Users generally cannot see web icons because they are usually small in size ( pixels) and have the same color as the background of web pages, documents, or emails. The web icon is marked as on the web page. Users can click the View Document option on the web page to check whether the web page is using the web icon. The website icon can also be linked to personal information. For example, advertising networks use website icons to add information about the website that someone has visited in their personal data and decide which banner to add based on this information. Another use of website icons is to provide an independent count of how many people have visited a certain website .

    1. To third-party websites or apps chain knot

    Please note, Les Saveurs Private Kitchen provides links to third party websites or third-party applications link, as a service provided to users or to confirm the statement on the use of third-party applications, but Les Saveurs Private Kitchen not so on this page Or third-party apps’ content or information acquisition practices. Les Saveurs Private Kitchen recommends that you carefully read and understand its privacy practices before providing information to any third-party website or third-party application .

    1. Children children

    This website or this application does not plan or intend to obtain personal data of minors under the age of In order to respect the privacy rights of minors, minors under the age of should not provide any personal information on this website or this application. Les Saveurs Private Kitchen requirements to supervise children when online or using this application should be the parents .

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